“One and the Other “, 2020.

The One and the Other series (2021), created during the pandemic, consists of smaller formats of dynamised compositions that are impressively reminiscent of the classical contrapposto…

“1,40”, 2022.

The works from “1.40” series were created by the author’s intentin of leaving the works to the circumstances created by themselves.


A special ensemble in Korkut’s activity takes trips in the media of drawings.


In Korkut’s work, different geometric forms discuss with amorphous materials , minimalist association is in a continuous dialogue with narrative and descriptive.


In this cycle, Korkut interpreted the ready-made, exhibiting objects and phenomena in which he recognized sculptural qualities.


Recognizing the similarities and coincidences between his artistic preoccupation and some of Richter’s works, Korkut in the cycle of “Gravity” produced works that rely on the paradigmatic works of Richter’s oeuvre: the gravitational drawings, sculptures and spatial system image.

Video works

The video media in Korkut’s work has been present since the early stages of his work, primarily as a documentation of the processes that took place in the making of sculptures and reliefs, and they were presented as an integral part of the work.


In the pursuit of the prophecy of the end of the world in 2012, Korkut made an installation that intimidated the visitor by placing him or her in front of the wall full of randomly arranged and tensed slingshots.


Sculpture is the primary medium of Korkut’s expression and all the other media used are generated from sculpture.

Weakness, strength

With works that were rounded up by the cyclus “Weakness, strength”, Korkut exhibited variety of media: sculpture, interactive works, video and reliefs. All media were treated equally and painted in white.

Video reliefs

Research and analysis of materials due to natural influences are documented by the video camera. In “Water” cyclus, Korkut tries to capture the fluid in three dimensional objects.


An important part of Korkut’s opus are the reliefs, surfaces that provide the smallest possible space in which the author explores the constant subjects of his interest: matter and processes that change it.

Ego trip

By the series of “Ego-trip” works that were made from 2000 to 2005, the focal point of his work became the portrait of himself