Here Korkut exposes the deformed cans and their remains, continually blushed and sculptured by the power of the sea and the waves for the decades, found near the local sardine factory. The sea made a kind of work in progress with these remains. In his work, Alem Korkut constantly explores the sculpture and the possibilities of its manifestations, regardless of the media in which it is realized.

Daily creating a small wooden forms in the work titled “Diary” he writes a kind of overview of everyday life which mechanically invokes a kind of meditative creative pause, vacuum space for the accumulation of new ideas and artistic practices.

Almost the same vocation is found in his video-work Pareidolia, which is in fact a video footage of a skies skewed by cloud movements. Forms of clouds can really be seen as sculptures, and the sky itself, with all its symbolic prefixes, represents a sublime modification of sculpture.