Alem Korkut

Controlled coincidences

Alem Korkut’s contemplation of sculpture stays within the spatial, tactile and material, all the way to the dematerialization of the sculpture. No matter what materials, genres and methods he uses, from the classical sculptural form (relief and three-dimensional sculpture), through video projections that he exhibits as independent works, to interactive objects with electronic components, Alem Korkut remains faithful to questioning the media of sculpture, transience and sculptural

processuality in the sense of the decay of matter itself or a deliberate change of state in a certain period of time. His artistic fascination is processuality in the work of art, whether it is the disintegration of sculptural matter and changes in its state that take place in a given period of time or leaving the material to “do” what is inherent or imitating processes in a kind of laboratory conditions.

Often in his work, Alem “changes the destiny” of geometric shapes that lose their original properties, planes, right angles, strength and rigidity, and turns them into almost organic objects, thus giving them new meanings and associations. In this way, his themes not only communicate the process of work creation, but are a statement or commentary of completely different dimensions of life, from completely intimate to extremely universal.