“1,40”, 2022.

The works from “1.40” series were created by the author’s intentin of leaving the works to the circumstances created by themselves. More specifically, Korkut dips papers or plasters, glass and metal three-dimensional objects in water that is contaminated with fungi and molds whose composition is not documented so that the procedure could be repeated in the same way, and leaves them to the action of a mixture of liquids and substances. As a final result, surfaces and areas of contaminated and healthy areas are created and placed in the gallery space so that the border of contamination stands at a height of 1.40 m, associating the level of flooding.

Surface contamination suggests pollution, possible poisoning, saturation and material impregnation and physical damage. In a series of works on paper, he uses this technique to obtain a surface with two surfaces, one of which is untouched by chemical or biological process and other, which reveals to us the action of liquids and other substances to which she was exposed. It should also be added that only one, the front side of the paper, is exposed to public view although traces of material treatment, dipping, are visible on both.