“One and the Other “, 2020.

The One and the Other series (2021), created during the pandemic, consists of smaller formats of dynamised compositions that are impressively reminiscent of the classical contrapposto, literally evoking the counterbalance of the relaxed leg. Conceptually, they are accompanied by larger objects, made as technologically highly precise forms of volume and surfaces, and, as such, demonstrate the virtuosity of sculptural execution.

Two, structurally and colour-wise, contrastive materials – silver aluminium (or stainless steel) and white MDF (or marble) – are not, here as well, unambiguously denoted as contrasting binary opposites, but simultaneously present as a possibility of coexistence. Although non-figurative and abstract, the exhibited sculptures are both referential and narrative. Maneuvering and playing with conventions and conflicting codes, the artist finishes the artwork almost programmatically with a counterpoint and a humanist note.